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Sponsors Information
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Doing Business in Nigeria Marketing Information:

Mediums that will be used to promote companies that participate in the event:

• Postcards (5,000 mailed every month to Nigerian Businesses and individuals in the U.S. - and growing)
• Radio ads
• Internet, links on African and Nigerian oriented, prominent websites
• E-mails to over 50,000 Nigerians businesses and individuals
• Flyers – over 50,000 printed and will be fully distributed to various African & Nigerian Organizations
• Newspapers - ads in African or Nigerian papers with large reader pools
• Magazines - ads in African or Nigerian papers with large reader pools
• Posters - over 10,000 printed and will be fully distributed to various African and Nigerian Organizations
• CDs with information about companies (over 10,000 will be distributed)

The goal of the Doing Business in Nigeria EXPO 2007 is to promote the best of Nigerian Businesses to Nigerians in the Diaspora and the general public. This will be accomplished in part by the marketing strategy. The company plans the majority of our focus to come initially from Nigerians located in the United States and in Canada as well as Nigerian & US businesses as a result of presentations and demonstrations by agents of this corporation by direct contact through associations with acquaintances, colleagues, friends, relatives, etc. (word of mouth); meetings / seminars (we’ve done some); mailed leaflets (over 5,000 mailed per month) / newsletters; video presentations; strategically placed ads in newspapers and magazines with a sizable proportion of African readership (there are few that meet that criteria), internet WebPages (already set up), e-mail addresses list (over 50,000+ Nigerian businesses and individuals), ads in Afro centric websites, souvenirs (pens, key holders, etc.), etc. . . .

The mission of this EXPO and subsequent ones will be to disseminate information about the participating businesses to Nigerian Businesses and individuals in the Diaspora primarily located in the United States. More specifically to facilitate the efficient maximization of individual's and business's access to Nigerian companies such as bank, financial institutions, real estate, etc. A catalog of businesses located in Nigerian will be available on the website and at the EXPO. The 5,000 plus mailing list per month will be sent with info about the participating companies throughout the year. E-mails (over 50,000+) will be sent too, with info about the participating Nigerian Businesses.

Currently, there is no comprehensive database of information available to Nigerians or foreigners (i.e. Yellow pages, etc.) The website will have a comprehensive list of businesses (including data such as company name, locations, phone/fax numbers, profit/loss statements, etc.) online and in a CD format as the info is available. We will provide background information for prospective investors on prospective companies they would like to do business with.

The potential market is over 5 million Nigerians businesses and individuals here in the US and millions more in Canada

The primary market for the EXPO will consist essentially of working class Nigerians. These are hard working people who want to someday go “HOME” (to Nigeria) either permanently or on "visits" (for those who have stayed away for awhile). The median age is between 21 and above (approx. 65). Especially among the above 40 set there is an urgency to prepare a retirement income, buy a house, etc. They are motivated primarily to do so because they are at the end of their sojourn and want to enjoy the fruits of their labor in their retirement years. These are highly educated and responsible people who know what they want and will pay to get it done. They will patronize a good, sound business that delivers promptly and efficiently.

The potential market volume is very encouraging. With a general population of more than five million families, etc. across the continental United States and beyond. Presently these people have a combined income of over fifty billion dollars (based on a minimum family income of ten thousand dollars per annum - minimum wage of $5.15/hr ). This figure does not take into account the fact that in a lot of families there is more than one individual earning an income and the fact that a lot of Nigerians are professionals earning exponentially more than the minimum wage.


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  • Gateway System
  • Midland Financial
  • Afrofunds Unlimited, Inc.
  • Radio Wazobia
  • YTB Travel
  • Daily Sun Newspaper
  • Punch Newspaper
  • NIDO Americas
  • Quartey & Umana, LLC.